About Me

Hey!…Thanks for checking out my blog.

Consider this your online resource for anything to create an income, motivation, inspiration and more importantly tips and guidance so you can live the life that you deserve.

I was born in a city called Etobicoke, Canada…and yes it can get cold here for 3-4 months of the year, but in the summer it will boil you from the humidity…Yeah I don’t get the weather here either, it’s like 30 F in the winter and over 100F in the summer.

I have always been fascinated with anything that has to do with business, personal development, health and wellness.  And…I like to BLOG!  Writing so cool!

Business isn’t all about making money either, it’s about creating time freedom so you can spend it with your family and friends.  I have nothing again jobs and I am sure people love them…but, I just don’t like trading my time for money because “TIME” is something we can never get back.

I wasn’t always a successful businessman, in fact, you wouldn’t even believe what I was before I came online..or maybe you will LOL.

I am a car mechanic by trade, I used to fix cars for a living at a GM dealership and I was really good at it.  The reason I didn’t to leave that field wasn’t by choice, it was because of an event that would change my life forever…

It was July 10th 2013 on a nice summers day I was driving home from work.  It was like any other day during the week and my commutes were always boring…

It was boring because it was 30-45 minutes of stop and go traffic, it was frustrating because of all the construction on the streets where they would go from 3 lanes to 1, then 3 again…

Oh man..I don’t miss that at all LOL.

I came to a stop at an intersection and a natural habit of mine is to look at my rear view mirror…while I was watching, I noticed this SUV coming in fast.

I thought to myself “He is probably one of those late brakers”. So I continued to watch this guy and then it came to my realization that THIS GUY ISN’T SLOWING DOWN!

And then..everything went slow motion….

All I saw was pieces of my car and the SUV going everywhere and when it was all over…

I was in the hospital…

That was the turning point in my life because for the first time every, I knew what it felt like having NO money…

my insurance company was only paying 50% of my actual income while I was in recovery and that can be very scary considering I have two kids and my wife.

After drowning in debit and almost going bankrupt…

I had to find another way of creating an income!

The turning point.

I went through tons of online products and training where you could make money from blogging to do binary auctions and it all went to waste because I haven’t made a single penny…

Almost at the breaking point, I get an email from a marketer and it said “Make money by copy and pasting”.

I told myself, I can do that…but is this too good to be true again because I been wasting money on things that didn’t work.

I decided to click the link and watch the video…(By the way this is the video I watched)

It was a live demonstration on how you can find items cheaper on Amazon and sell them on eBay for a profit..

I told myself.. “Hey, I can do that!  I love eBay!”

And when I made that decision I am going to go for it…everything changed.

In a short 6 months from January 2014, I paid off my $30,000 in debt and was making more money on eBay I ever did at a mechanic!

ds domination


$25,834 in eBay sales = $6500 in profits for me…

My mechanic job paid $3200 per month!

Sometimes a bad circumstance is a blessing in disguise…If that car accident didn’t happen, I would still be trading my time for money and now I am totally free.

Everything in life just takes a decision to change your life…

I decided when I was struggling to take action on this opportunity because it was presented to me at the time.

I took action on the training and told myself I will do whatever it takes to become successful with it.

I took action on my dreams and goals!

ds domination get started

Bless And Be Blessed,

Jesse Singh

-Jesse Singh

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nothing thats worth having comes easy in fact it almost always come from a painful experience or life changing event. Well done on sticking it out and arriving where you want to be. And Thanks for liking my post, most appreciated.


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